In case of emergency, having family members and friends nearby is extremely valuable. So what if you’re isolated and there’s an urgent situation? What if the crisis strikes others and you are the one who wants medical aid? Do you know who to contact in case of emergency?

A few years ago, my friend died of a stroke while skiing. He was skiing on a mountain with a friend on a Tuesday when the stroke hit him. He suffocated before being rescued.

This was both a startling and upsetting event. One of the toughest moments occurred hours before we got downhill, once we were finally able to phone his father and tell him the news. We couldn’t access through since he had a security code on his cellphone. We didn’t know anything about his parents or emergency contacts. We were able to contact his father via Facebook and a series of uncomfortable phone conversations. Nobody should ever have to endure 10 hours for such news.

The most effective way you need to do in an emergency is to obtain treatment as soon as possible. Maybe you look for a nearby one straight away. It might also indicate dialing 911 from the nearest calling/texting device.

I always believe it’s better to be safe than sorry, and you should too, especially with regard to your own and your loved ones’ well-being. In an emergency, having urgent contact numbers ready might come in handy.

Here is a protocol to follow in case of emergency:

You need to set up the Emergency SOS function on your smartphone

Without your passcode, anyone can connect your emergency call and health records, which will assist the first-responder squad in an emergency. You may enter SOS contact information in the Contacts or Phone app, via the Settings menu.

Check out this guide to set up Emergency SOS from Apple.

The iPhone includes a Medical ID feature that alerts anyone else to your health information and contact details. Here is the guide from Apple for Medical ID.
Android phone manufacturers also normally built in an Emergency SOS feature. Check out this guide from Google for Emergency SOS on Android.

If your phone doesn’t support these features, make sure you name contacts accurately.

Name your close family members like “my dad” or “my girlfriend” for example. This way, if you’re in an accident and someone sees your cellphone, they’ll know who to contact.

Besides high-tech, you can buy mini notes that will fit in your wallet/backpack.

First, write your name, contact, and address as well as the contact information of your parents and close acquaintances. Then add SOS phone numbers of who to contact in case of emergency.

Get the number of who to contact in case of emergency


The number that everyone should be able to recall off the top of their heads. If you or anybody close to you is experiencing a life-threatening situation, call 911. If you are calling from a North American device, dial this line to get assistance. It is, however, unlawful to dial 911 throughout a non-emergency circumstance.


Another emergency number to call – the counterpart of 911 in Europe. When used in the United States, most telecommunications companies will route you to 911.


Besides your local hospital’s address and telephone number, keep a record of a couple of others in the neighborhood. It could be useful to keep track of how far they are from your house. Having these details will help you save time if you have to go to the hospital.

Family doctor

Not all symptoms and signs need dialing 911 or going to the hospital. If you require a personal session, having your family practice doctor’s contact details on hand will be beneficial.

Local Emergency Medical Services

In certain regions, the EMS or ambulance provider is distinct from the firefighters and rescue departments. Check out if it’s the thing in your area,  make a note of the phone number that you may call them.

Nearby neighbors

Getting close to your neighbors can come in handy in an emergency. Introduce yourself to nearby neighbors and exchange phone numbers then you can reach them if necessary.

Agents of the insurance company

An insurance agent is somebody to contact in case of emergency in order to make a settlement.

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